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Who doesn’t enjoy feeling healthy and well? After all, a healthy body and mind are probably the most important ingredients for happiness and quality of life!

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But health is certainly not to be taken for granted, and it means something different for every one of us: are you searching for alternative ways to improve some pain or discomfort? Or would you like to restore the balance between your body, mind and soul? Feel more joy and vitality, and improve your sense of wellbeing?

To help you achieve these goals we would like to introduce you to Healy. Healy, with TimeWaver technology, is a medical device for the treatment of pain in chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine, as well as for the supportive treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and related sleep disorders, that can be worn on the body. It is intended to stimulate certain areas in your body with the help of individually determined frequencies.

This small but extremely versatile device delivers frequency programs for all important areas of life: it promotes vitality, well-being and balance! Healy provides applications that help keep you in shape and reduce pain. It should support you in stressful situations throughout the day, help you to recover more easily and find better rest at night.

Healy should help you increase your vitality, making your life energy flow smoothly and activating your energy reserves. The applications of the Healy are designed to work in the bioenergetic field of the body and are based on many years of experience by Nuno Nina and a large network of practitioners.

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Here we have written down the most important things you might want to know about Healy. We are happy to explain more to you in person. Of course it would be very helpful for you to try out Healy yourself!

Healthy Cells and Healthy Bodies

The cell is the smallest component in your body. A body consists of organs, the organs consist of cells. Each of us has about 70 trillion of them, that is 70 million million! Every cell, just like the whole human organism, has a metabolism: water, nutrients and oxygen have to get in, metabolism products need to be taken out. For the cells, this transport is handled through openings in their surface, the so-called cell membrane.

These “valves” in the cell membrane open and close as needed. This mechanism is based on voltage potential, i.e., the difference in voltage between the cell interior and the intercellular space. The right or wrong amount of such potential is responsible for healthy or diseased cell metabolism.

Frequency therapy is believed to regulate this voltage potential; this is the underlying theory to explain why frequency therapy is a procedure that can be used to support energetic balance in a variety of ways.

Healthy Cells and Healthy Bodies

by Robert O. Becker and Bjorn Nordenstrom

According to a study by Ngok Cheng, et al. (Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research No. 171, November-December 1982.) This animal study refers to the effect of microcurrent and does not pertain to Healy itself, but to the basic mechanisms on which it builds. These results have not been confirmed by other studies so far and the transfer of the results to Healy would be speculative.

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Disclaimer: Healy is a medical device for the treatment of pain in chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine, as well as for the supportive treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and related sleep disorders. All other applications of Healy as well as the cell membrane tension model according to Nordenstrom are not recognized by conventional medicine due to lack of evidence in the sense of conventional medicine.

Areas of Application

Pain Management

Cell Regeneration

Health Prevention


Chronic Complaints

Acute Complaints





Skin Issues




Sleep Issues


To help you get started with the right combination of a Healy and its program pages (i.e., program packages), we have put together several Healy Editions. Each Healy Edition consists of a Healy device and a number of programs for a specific application area. Of course you can add other program pages to your Healy at any time, if your requirements change.

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Healy Gold comes with Healy hardware, the Nuno Nina Gold Cycle and a program page of your choice.

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Healy Holistic Health consists of a Healy, the Nuno Nina gold cycle and 8 other program pages.

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This one has everything: the Healy Holistic Health Edition and 6 more program pages, providing you with more than 120 currently available Healy programs.

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The Healy Resonance Edition contains Healy Holistic Health Plus, i.e., more than 120 Healy frequency programs, plus the Healy Analysis app with the Resonance and Aura modules.

With the analysis feature of the Healy Resonance module, doctors, practitioners and other health professionals can be supported to suggest suitable dietary supplements, foods, etc., for their patients or clients.

Not only professionals, but also individual users are able to use this for performing analyses for themselves and for their families and friends. However, analyses should be reviewed by a doctor if any signs of disease appear to be present.

Another useful tool in this edition is the Healy’s Aura module. It lets you analyze the cenergy distribution of your chakras in the Information Field; after an analysis of the emotional background, you can point out suitable ways of optimization with the Aura module.

The resulting optimization patterns can be applied to different products with Healy in order to balance energetic blockages. Many patients and therapists also have reported that this is helpful.


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Even the slightest pain, if you have to endure it long enough, can make everyday life unbearable. Healy‘s designed to help you get by on as little medication as possible.

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Whether at school or learning online: This helps you absorb knowledge faster and easier.

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Bring out your top performance, or simply stay healthy and fit: here are the programs to support you.

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Only those who sleep well and healthy can be rested, active and able to perform all day long. Work is fun!

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The skin is your protection and your largest organ. Beauty comes from within! The Healy Beauty programs are designed to bring it out.

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Face your life balanced and full of confi dence. These programs help to support you.

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Stimulating the flow of life energy that connects everything.

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Stimulating the flow of life energy that connects everything.

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All-round healthy with Bioenergetic Balance 1 – the “digital first aid kit“

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The second part of the “digital first aid kit“.

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Strengthen your seven ethereal energy centers.

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Providing protection against harmful environmental
influences, wherever they may come from.


We would love to welcome you to the world of Healy. You can come into the salon for a Healy Treatment, Hire and trial a unit at home, or purchase your own!

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