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Mini Wildflower Facial

When time is precious, this lunch time pick me up facial is the answer to boost your complexion and your energy! A revitalising and rejuvenating mini-treat that includes an internal wild flower remedy, cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration mask for all skin types.


High-Frequency Deep Cleansing Facial

High frequency deep cleansing facial has been specifically developed to battle problems like congestion and inflammation, leaving your skin feeling purified, refreshed and instantly brighter. Your treatment will include a deep cleanse, steam, high frequency and facial mask.


Cellular Reversal Peels

An excellent non invasive way to improve your skin with immediate results. Using a combination of vitamin A, Lactic and Glycolic acid, we dissolve the outermost layer of you skin cells revealing your fresher, younger layer below the dermis. Peels are very effective in treating ageing, sun damage, acne, scarring and improve skin tone. Peels are non invasive, you may experience slight downtime.


Cellular Gold Collagen Facial

An incredible treatment incorporating our caviar lime and peptide peel to stimulate cell renewal, brighten, oxygenate and hydrate. Your skin will instantly glow with hydration. Experience warm aromatic towels and stress relieving oils while you drift away with our decadent massage of the face, neck, shoulders and scalp using both pressure point and European massage techniques and intense rich anti ageing serums and synergies. We incorporate our incredible Gold Collagen mask which combine potent active ingredients and peptides that recharge your skin leaving it feeling plump and dewy for days.


Cellular Gold Micro Infusion

This infusion is реrfесt fоr аll аgеѕ аnd ѕkіn tуреѕ. Еасh gоld-рlаtеd mісrосhаnnеl іѕ fіnеr thаn а humаn hаіr fоr mіnіmum dіѕсоmfоrt. Місrо nееdlеѕ dеlіvеrіng mахіmum rеѕultѕ! Rеѕultѕ are vіѕіblе thе nехt dау and саn lаѕt 3-4 mоnthѕ!


Nano Infusion Facial

An alternative to needling with no pain and no downtime. The latest in celebrity facials. The Nano Infusion facial is known as the “Most Amazing Facial Ever”. A revolutionary, non-invasive treatment that restores and improves your skin’s texture and elasticity. Nano technology creates micro pathways into the skin’s surface to allow active serums to absorb deeper. Collagen is stimulated by plumping the cells which in turn improves fine lines and wrinkles. This result driven facial includes a customised peel, massage of the face, neck, shoulders and scalp aswell as a customised hyaluronic acid mask. This really is the most amazing facial ever.


The Oxygeneo Super Facial

The Next Generation 5-in-1 Super Facial delivers an all in one treatment: Exfoliation Oxygenation, Infusion, RF Tightening and Anti Ageing. It is a breakthrough skincare treatment that is safe , non-invasive and very effective, with clinically proven technology & results.


Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Facial

A Non Surgical face lift – Radio Frequency heats the skin to over 40 degrees which stimulates new collagen, growth and brings blood surface to the surface of the skin, plumping the skin for instant results. Targeting the eyes, face, jowls, neck & décolletage.

from $150

Dermaplaning/Dermablading Epidermal Levelling Facial

The ultimate treatment for anti-ageing tired dry skin. Delivering intense hydration and an instant glow incorporating powerful infusions of peptides and vitamins. Skin can look dull or tired from the excess build-up of oil, debris and dead skin cells which are often trapped on fine facial hairs. Dermaplaning removes your outer layers of dead skin cells, as well as any fine vellus hair, leaving your skin instantly smoother, brighter and more radiant with no downtime. ​ Incorporating Dermablading, a customised peel, peptide infusion, massage to melt away any tension with active Caviar lime, Oxygenating and Vitamin serums and a customised peptide mask.

from $60

Ultrasonic Serum Infusion Facial

During an ultrasonic facial, high level sound wave technology is used to penetrate deep below the surface of the skin promoting cellular renewal and repair, toning muscles, increasing blood circulation, encouraging lymphatic drainage, combating puffiness and swelling and improving skin care product penetration. Ultrasound may be used on most parts of the body, including the face, neck, arms, stomach, waist, hips, buttocks, and legs.

from $150

China Doll Carbon Laser Peel

Benefits of the Carbon Laser Peel; Improvement in acne prone skins and breakouts, Reduces enlarged pores, Evens out skin tone, Stimulates collagen, Reduces ageing and fine lines, Helps fight sun damage, Clearer complexion, Great for a special occasion.

from $200

Plasma Fibroblast Treatment

The plasma producing device causes small millimeter size carbon spots where the excess skin has been evaporated causing immediate contraction and tightening. Skin is lifted and wrinkles are smoothed out and reduced. Permanent new Collagen and Elastin are formed. Areas which may be treated – Upper and Lower Eye lids, Forehead, Frown lines, crows Feet, Nasolabial folds, Marionette Lines, Top Lip (Smokers lines), Chin, Jowls, Cheeks, Neck, tummy.

from $250

Skin Needling Treatment

Stimulates collagen renewal, resulting in a healthier, smoother, more youthful looking skin. This treatment is also perfect for treating a variety of skin conditions including acne scarring, fine lines, pigmentation, enlarged pores, congestion & dull looking skin

from $150

Led Phototherapy

Clinically proven UV-free lights deliver a specific wavelength into the skin stimulating collagen, speeding up call renewal, minimising fine lines, pigmentation & controlling the acne bacteria. Pain free & non invasive.

$60 add on to facial

HIFU Face Lift

HIFU stands for “High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound” and is a relatively new non invasive cosmetic technology. HIFU uses concentrated ultrasound energy to the face and neck by a handheld device.  It is a non-invasive treatment that helps stimulates the cells, resulting in tissue rejuvenation and collagen production. The overall effect of the treatment is to promote tightening and lifting of the skin in these areas.

A HIFU treatment can help stimulate tissue rejuvenation and collagen production – resulting in the tightening and lifting of saggy skin. In the hands of a skilled practitioner, this can produce results akin to facial sculpting (but without the need for surgery).


HIFU Neck Lift

HIFU stands for “High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound” and is a relatively new non invasive cosmetic technology. HIFU uses concentrated ultrasound energy to the face and neck by a handheld device.  It is a non-invasive treatment that helps stimulates the cells, resulting in tissue rejuvenation and collagen production. The overall effect of the treatment is to promote tightening and lifting of the skin in these areas.

A HIFU treatment can help stimulate tissue rejuvenation and collagen production – resulting in the tightening and lifting of saggy skin. In the hands of a skilled practitioner, this can produce results akin to facial sculpting (but without the need for surgery).


Mini HIFU Treatment

This treatment is performed using a specialised attachment to the 3D HIFU machine which is called Mini HIFU. Its pen like shape enables it to get into the small and tight spaces around the eyes and mouth that cannot be reached with a regular HIFU 3D Cartridge. It gives a Cinderella effect, perfect tightening for a special occasion. The treatment is done at a depth depth of 1.5mm.



  • Deluxe $90
  • Add on to any facial $30
  • Hydro dermabrasion $90


  • IPL Acne & Led Light $80
  • IPL Skin Rejuvenation $150
  • IPL Vascular $150
  • IPL Pigmentation $150


Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing

Reduce Stubborn Fat – Cryolipolysis is designed to target stubborn subcutaneous fat deposits below the skin and above the muscle that are often resistant to diet and exercise.


Ultrasound Fat Cavitation with radio frequency & Vacuum Liposuction

A non invasive treatment, which aids in Cellulite Reduction, Fat Reduction, Body Contouring, Fat Melting, Skin Tightening & Skin Rejuvenation. Target Specific areas of concern such as hips, thighs, buttocks, stomach & arms. 6-10 Sessions needed for maximum results.

$150 per session

EMS Body Sculpt

Non invasive treatment that builds muscle mass, reduces fat and strengthens perfect for bum, thigh, belly’s and arms.


Cellulite Vacuum Therapy

Cellulite vacuum therapy is one of a number of therapies used to tackle the hard-to-shift, dimpled fat that is often found on thighs, knees, buttocks, stomach and the tops of arms. A vacuum is created around the area, lifting the cellulite away from the muscle, thus encouraging blood flow, stimulating lymphatic drainage and amplifying the effects of massage or exercise. Cellulite vacuum therapy is a modern version of the ancient Chinese art of “cupping” that is now a popular alternative treatment.

$80 full thighs

HIFU Body Treatment

Destroys fat cells in the area treated being treated thus reducing the visible size of the targeted area. Some results may be seen in around 1-2 weeks after treatment, however, significant results are usually seen after 4 to 6 weeks as the ablated contents of the fat cells are gradually flushed away via the normal blood circulation and lymphatic systems. Further the process of collagen and elastin synthesis, improving skin elasticity, tone and texture, continues for up to 3 months – on this basis it is recommended that follow up treatments, if required, are performed at least 3 months after the initial treatment. Like HIFU facial uplift, HIFU Body Sculpting is very effective for lifting and tightening the skin. When your weight is stable, and you want to remove that stubborn body fat, this could be the ideal treatment for you. HIFU is not used for weight loss and the best results are achieved when your body weight is stable, and you have a healthy lifestyle.



  • Brow Wax $15
  • Lip Wax $10
  • Chin Wax $15
  • Underarm Wax $15
  • 1/2 Arm Wax $30
  • Full Arm Wax $50
  • Bikini Wax $20
  • Extended Bikini Wax $25
  • Brazilian Wax $50
  • Full Leg Wax $40


  • Spa Pedicure $50
  • Ion Foot Detox $30
  • Manicure $35
  • File and Polish $20
  • 1 Hr Full Body Massage $70
  • 30 Minute Massage $40
  • Fruit Acid Full Body Peel $100


  • Lip & Chin $20
  • Sides of Face $20
  • Underarm $20
  • 1/2 Arm $40
  • Brazilian & Underarm $40
  • Full Leg $80
  • 1/2 Leg/ Underarm/ Brazilian $80
  • Back/ Neck/ Shoulder $120


  • Eyelash Tint $15
  • Eyebrow Tint $10
  • Lash Lift $55
  • Teeth Whitening - LED Light Activated $120
  • Spray Tan - 2-8 hours $25


Healy Frequency Therapy

Healy Frequency Therapy is a TGA approved medical device for the treatment of pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain, migraines, supports energetic balance of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and related sleep disorders. It stimulates certain areas in your body customised to your needs with the help of individually determined frequencies.



Access Bars Therapy

Are you feeling limited and blocked in your life? What if you could change the thoughts, emotions and feelings which limit you?

Access Bars Therapy is a hands on energy healing process. It uses energy centres or bars which are located on the head, and unlocks them using gentle touch. There are 32 different energy centres on the head and once unlocked and released they flow down into the body. This brings the body and mind back into line and in harmony with each other.




Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.


Reiki, Access Bars , LED Light Therapy

Combine the ancient powers of Reiki, Access Bars, and the modern wonder of LED Light Therapy in this 90 minutes deluxe session.


Ayurvedic Tibetan Healing Facial

This holistic spa facial merges ancient Tibetan healing traditions with professional skincare to enhance your skin health, energy and well-being.

With gentle strokes, Kansa – the sacred Ayurvedic healing metal of India – gently harmonises and re-charges the aura, smoothing wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin. Mineral rich clays refine and purify the skin while the healing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls fills the room, resonating with your chakras, clearing and energising.

The result is a powerful sense of complete healing, that delivers total well-being and radiant, silky soft skin.


Ayurvedic Crystal-infused Aromatherapy Full-body Massage

Begin your transit to tranquility with an internal Bach flower remedy and the healing touch of an elemental crystal infused, aromatherapy massage and a beautiful facial cleanse with warmed aromatherapy towels.

Complete your journey with flowing energy work movements and wildflower essences, lovingly delivered to every chakra centre, opening the heart, re-aligning mind, body and soul. 1 hour treatment.



Enjoy either a long day retreat or a full weekend away with other like minded women. Amazing plant based meals, massage, holistic facial with chakra balancing, NLP workshop, group hypnotherapy, pressotherapy, infrared sauna, yoga, soul retrieval meditation, stretch class and inspirational speaker. Each retreat will be a different experience.  Email us for details and dates of upcoming retreats.

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